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Every industry comes with its distinct set of needs. We customize your uniforms to precisely match your unique requirements, drawing from our industry-specific expertise that spans from addressing safety and health considerations to upholding standards of cleanliness and professionalism.


Education holds significant importance in our lives, and uniforms contribute significantly to fostering a sense of belonging among children and youth within a school environment. At Uneom, we understand the value of providing high-quality school uniforms tailored to the diverse needs of educational institutions across the GCC region. Our uniforms are crafted from durable, premium cotton fabrics capable of meeting any school’s customization specifications. Additionally, we prioritize meticulous uniform design to ensure the creation of tidy and comfortable garments.


“Dress for success” is a mantra to live by. Considering we dedicate a significant portion of our lives to work, the importance of adhering to appropriate dress codes cannot be overstated. The attire chosen by employees reflects their dedication to their roles and often mirrors the ethos of the company they represent. Business attire should exude professionalism while ensuring comfort for the wearer. Ultimately, dressing appropriately for the workplace can significantly enhance an individual’s career trajectory.


In the hospitality sector, the attire of your staff frequently creates a lasting impression on your clientele. Ensure it’s a positive one. In today’s fast-paced world, interactions in the hotel industry are often fleeting, underscoring the importance of impeccably groomed staff in appropriate uniforms for their roles.


In the medical field, uniforms must strike a balance between functionality and instilling confidence in a profession tasked with caring for people’s health and well-being. These uniforms also serve a vital role in safeguarding hospital staff, such as nurses and doctors, from infections during their constant interactions with patients. Considering this, Uneom meticulously selects the fabric used in crafting garments for the healthcare sector.


The aviation industry is rapidly expanding in the GCC region, playing a significant role in the economic growth of its nations. Acknowledging this momentum and the industry’s requirements, we offer an extensive array of uniforms tailored for the aviation sector, including attire for pilots and cabin crew members. We understand the necessity for airline uniforms to be both stylish and practical, providing comfort and convenience for staff working in confined spaces.


At Uneom, we’ve identified a significant demand for factory and industrial uniforms as numerous industries flourish in the region. We prioritize crafting uniforms from top-notch materials to ensure their suitability for diverse working environments. Understanding the importance of comfort for factory and industrial workers, we provide garments that are both skin-friendly and long-lasting.


We offer a comprehensive range of accessories for various industries, covering everything from head to toe. Our selection includes scarves, bows, ties, belts, socks, lanyards, epaulettes, whistles, caps, hats, berets, wings, badges, gloves, as well as formal and safety shoes, available in a variety of materials and designs. While uniforms help our customers display their identity, accessories provide the finishing touches to elevate the overall presentation of an outfit.