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Environment & Sustainability
We believe that wearing uniforms can significantly reduce the need for individuals to buy additional workwear, resulting in less spending in the fast fashion industry and fewer garments ending up in landfills. One of our primary focuses on corporate social responsibility is the environment. Businesses, regardless of size, leave a significant carbon footprint. Any measures we can implement to lessen these footprints are beneficial for both the company and society as a whole. We prioritize the use of sustainable materials, such as renewable bamboo, organic cotton, or other recycled materials, in manufacturing our garments. Additionally, we exclusively source from vendors certified by internationally accredited agencies. Our network strictly adheres to waste, energy, and air quality conservation standards and operates from Green buildings.
At every stage of our uniform creation process, including packaging, fabric, and garment manufacture, we prioritize achieving a top-tier sustainable approach. This approach is continuously assessed and refined, incorporating the latest initiatives and techniques to minimize wastage and environmental pollution. Starting from 2020, we’ve transitioned to using biodegradable packaging sourced from responsible factories that produce sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. Additionally, we strive to procure sustainable trims for all our products. We actively promote the principles of ‘recycling, reusing, and repurposing,’ encouraging school parents and corporations to donate their gently used uniforms back to their school or workplace. This initiative gives others the opportunity to wear the uniforms and helps prevent them from ending up in landfills. Uneom is steadfast in its commitment to consistently reduce plastic usage across its business and throughout the supply chain. We achieve this by minimizing unnecessary packaging on the finished product without compromising the final quality.
In our offices and factories, we implement various eco-friendly practices to minimize our environmental impact: – We utilize filtered water and reusable water bottles. – LED lighting is installed throughout our offices, stores, factories, and warehouses. – Printing is done only when necessary, with a preference for double-sided printing and the use of FSC certified or recycled paper. – Plants are incorporated into our office spaces to enhance indoor air quality and create a natural ambiance. – Natural light is maximized, taking advantage of Dubai’s year-round sunshine. – Whenever feasible, we utilize teleconference facilities like Zoom and Teams for meetings, reducing the need for local and international travel and thereby lessening our carbon footprint.
We actively promote eco-friendly commuting by providing a company bus for staff transportation to and from the office. All employees undergo training on effective recycling practices, both at work and home. Additionally, we incentivize sustainable behaviors through incentive programs. Monthly waste audits are conducted to pinpoint areas of waste generation, set waste reduction targets, and monitor progress over time. Utilizing technology, we optimize processes and minimize waste throughout production. This includes employing sensors and monitoring systems to manage energy consumption, real-time data analysis to identify waste reduction opportunities, and automation to enhance efficiency. Collaborating with suppliers, we work to minimize packaging waste, prioritize bulk shipping to reduce packaging materials, and implement closed-loop supply chain processes. Our robust recycling program segregates materials such as paper, plastic, batteries, and fabrics for proper disposal and reuse.