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Corporate Social Responsibility

At uneom, sustainability is more than just a concept; it’s a fundamental aspect of how we conduct business. We are committed to integrating social and environmental factors into our operations to maximize benefits for the industry, society at large, and the environment. Our company’s Environment and Social Sustainability (ESS) activities, including responsible practices like sustainable sourcing and ethical labor employment, coupled with the dedication of our team, have propelled us to become a reliable supplier for all your uniform needs.


We take pride in our social responsibility, understanding that caring for the planet starts with caring for each other. At uneom, we believe in giving back to both people and the planet.

Our commitment to serving the community is unwavering, as we continually seek to support initiatives and charities benefiting those in need and the environment.

We actively encourage our employees to volunteer their time to support causes that contribute positively to society and the planet.

Since 2015, uneom has been dedicated to donating uniforms to charitable institutions, ensuring that children who cannot afford basic education have access to necessary clothing.

We strongly advocate for every student’s right to school uniforms. Through partnerships with various schools in the subcontinent, we donate fresh uniforms to underprivileged students.

Through our environmental commitment programs and charitable partnerships, uneom and our affiliated institutions work together to pursue a shared goal of giving back and nurturing enduring relationships.

Ethical labour practices

At uneom, we are deeply committed to upholding ethical fair trade practices to ensure the ethical treatment of workers and the responsible use of natural resources in the manufacturing of our garments. Our primary goal is to produce high-quality garments while prioritizing the wellbeing of our employees and maintaining environmental sustainability. Through our steadfast dedication to fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and transparency across our supply chain, we aim to make a positive impact on both people and the planet. We staunchly reject any form of discrimination based on gender, origin, or religion in our hiring practices, and we have zero tolerance for bullying or harassment in the workplace. Our supply chain is free from debt-bonded or child labor, and we ensure that all our staff receive fair wages enabling them to live comfortably. We prioritize providing our employees with optimal working conditions, including sufficient breaks and mealtimes, as well as access to medical assistance if needed. Safety is paramount, and we maintain rigorous health and safety standards to minimize accident and injury rates across all our facilities. Respect and dignity are at the core of how we treat our staff. We actively involve them in decision-making processes, ensuring they have the support and resources needed to reach their full potential, and readily provide assistance whenever required.